With Less Than 3 Weeks To Go Jon Ossoff Leads Karen Handel In New Georgia Special Election Poll

Democrat Jon Ossoff leads Republican Karen Handel 49.1% to 47.6% in a new poll ahead of the special House election in Georgia.

The WSB 2 poll:

The Georgia House special election is looking like a regular election in many ways. The Democrat leads among younger voters and women. The Republican leads among men and older voters, but one number jumps out and is a good omen for Ossoff.

Jon Ossoff is getting twice as much support from Republicans (14.2%) as Handel is getting from Democrats (7.1).

No one should think for a second that the election is in the bag for either candidate. This contest looks like a nailbiter that may be decided by a few votes. Ossoff has run a great campaign and shown that he would be an outstanding representative for the district, but Republicans have held the Sixth District seat since 1979. Republicans have decades of structural advantages going into Election Day.

The Democrats haven’t been close to winning heading into the other special elections in Kansas and Montana. Georgia is the first race where the Democrat is ahead or at worst tied. The fight to flip the sixth is going to be an epic battle, but with less than three weeks to go, Jon Ossoff has himself in a position to win.