‘Most Selfish Human Being On The Planet’: Chris Matthews Blasts Trump’s Climate Change Ignorance

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews pulled no punches on Thursday, blasting Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the historic Paris climate deal, saying.

To close his show, the MSNBC host said Trump’s move today may make him “the most selfish human being on the planet.”


Matthews didn’t hold back:

If he doesn’t believe in the purpose of a global climate agreement, why go back to the table? What does repeal and replace even mean in this case? It is hard to think of the worst thing this president has done, but so far this might just be the one. Someone should tell the guy that all his hotels, from Mar-a-Lago to Scotland, all his golf courses, all the places Ivanka, the rest of the family, he himself may go in this lifetime happen to exist because this planet all of us share makes it possible. Even the most selfish human being on the planet, which he threatens to be with this act, should be able to get that into his brain.

Not only does Trump’s decision on Thursday reflect just how willfully ignorant he is when it comes to matters related to science, but it’s also of an example of how selfish he is, as Matthews noted.

The president and his family criss-cross the globe taking advantage of everything the world has given them, but at the end of the day they give nothing back.

Trump has spent an entire lifetime enriching himself at the expense of others, which was to be expected back when he was a game show host with no real influence over public policy or global affairs.

Now he’s the President of the United States – he’s supposed to represent the people of the United States and, in many respects, the world.

His decision today to pull out of a landmark climate agreement proves that he has no interest in doing so.