Pittsburgh’s Mayor Just Humiliated Trump For Using His City To Justify Leaving Paris Agreement

Trump tried to justify leaving the Paris climate deal by saying that he was elected to represent Pittsburgh, not Paris. Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto responded by stating that his city will continue to follow the guidelines of the Paris Agreement.

Trump stood in the Rose Garden and said:

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto tweeted:

Peduto attended the Paris summit, and signed a letter asking Trump to stay in the deal, so using Pittsburgh as their example city was another boneheaded move by a president and an administration whose corruption is only outweighed by their incompetence.

The only things that would have made Mayor Peduto’s responses better would have been telling Trump to never mention his city again, and ending his tweet with “Let’s Go Pens.”

The White House was just taken to the woodshed because they picked the wrong mayor of the wrong city to use as justification for their wrong decision to leave the Paris climate deal. Trump just got taken to school, as his big Russia scandal distraction has turned into a new political disaster.