Bill Maher Says What Many Democrats Won’t: Trump Has Committed Treason

Bill Maher wasn’t afraid to say what many Democrats have been trying to downplay. The Real Time host went beyond impeachment and closed his show by accusing Trump of treason.


Maher said, “Republican Congressman Michael McCaul said about Hillary’s infamous private server, he said, ‘In my opinion, quite frankly, it’s treason.’ See, there’s not afraid to say it. They’re not afraid to say the t-word about nothing. Her private server was treason? No. Trump being Putin’s private server. That’s treason.”

Bill Maher’s overall point was that Republicans say or do whatever they need to do to win, and they don’t care. Mitch McConnell didn’t care when he blocked Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Republicans invent fake scandals to push narratives that they hope will get their voters to show up and vote and routinely lie about policy as a matter of daily life.

Polling shows that it isn’t the Russia scandal and calls for impeachment that are driving voters towards Democrats in 2018. Health care is the big driver of motivations. Support for impeaching Trump is growing, but the number of people who don’t want impeachment proceedings to begin (45%) outweighs those who do (43%).

The Real Time host wants to see more fight out of Democrats, and he’s right. Democrats keep trying to win with logic and facts in a political landscape that is ruled by feelings and partisanship. The middle that the Democratic Party is courting no longer exists. If Democrats want to win in 2018, they need to match the feelings of their base.

Maher’s point was Republicans had no problem calling Hillary Clinton a traitor when she did nothing wrong, so why are Democrats so soft on Trump when there is a mountain of evidence suggesting that his campaign committed many crimes?