Calls Grow For Bill Maher To Be Fired After He Uses The N-Word As A Punchline

Calls are growing for Bill Maher to be fired after the HBO host made the racist term “house ni**a” a punchline.

An interview with Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) turned into this:

When Maher has made comments like this in the past, he has usually relied on the defense that he is a comedian. However, this time, the outrage isn’t only coming from hypocritical right wing circles that support Trump.

Here are some responses to Maher’s comments:

Bill Maher is some who has defended Rush Limbaugh in the past. Anyone who has listened to Maher talk about Muslims for roughly seven seconds understands that this wasn’t a mistake, nor is this kind of talk anything new for him.

Let’s not pretend like Bill Maher is superior because he criticizes Trump. If a conservative said this, there would be outrage. There is just no excuse for what he said, and the ‘I’m a comedian and anybody who criticizes me is being politically correct rant’ past its sell by date 20 years ago.

HBO has stuck with Maher in the past when he has danced with bigotry, sexism, and racism, so no one should hold their breath waiting for an apology or for the Real Time host to be fired.

It is most likely that Maher will respond with another lecture about ‘political correctness’ and how kids these days just can’t take a joke.

What Maher said was wrong on so many levels. He has a right to say it, but you also have a right to stop watching his show or to cancel your subscription to HBO, because freedom is a two-way street.