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As March For Truth Blows Him Away, Trump Sends Out A Fake News Article On His Crowd Size

After the March For Truth had drawn more people than the Pittsburgh not Paris rally, the Trump campaign sent out a press release with a link to fake news article bragging about their crowd size.

Bradd Jaffy tweeted the statement containing a link to the article from the fake news site InfoWars:

The problem is that the crowd size for Trump’s rally appeared to be not even close to what the Rally For Truth drew. In fact, the Rally For Truth was so big that it had relocate out of the park where Trump held his rally and into a larger area. According to theMarch For Truth website, “The expected crowd will exceed Lafayette’s size limit, so we relocated!”

This one picture tells the story:

The Trump event was so poorly attended that even Trump himself blew it off to go play golf.

The Trump campaign has learned nothing from the Russia scandal. Trump 2020 is already in high gear and trying to con the media with press released that are based on stories from fake news sites. The biggest source of fake news in the United States is the man who is currently occupying the Oval Office.

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