Trump Just Killed His Own Muslim Ban With One Crazy Screwed Up Tweet

The ACLU pounced after Trump screwed up and destroyed his own administration’s argument that the Muslim ban is not a ban.

Trump tweeted:

The ACLU tweeted after Trump admitted that his executive order is a ban:

Here is how badly Trump screwed up. Last Sunday, his own Homeland Security Secretary went on national television and argued that there was no travel ban, “The fact is that in those countries, we have very little ability to actually verify, vet the people that are coming out of those countries. So, what the president and it’s not a travel ban, remember. It’s the travel pause. What the president said, for 90 days, we were going to pause in terms of people from those countries coming to the United States that would give me time to look at additional vetting to see –”

Trump has once again been allowed to tweet without adult supervision, and the outcome is that he destroyed his administration’s legal argument with a tweet that will definitely be used against him if the Supreme Court ever hears the full case on the constitutionality of Trump’s executive order.

Because he was allowed to tweet without adult supervision, Trump may have destroyed his Muslim ban.