Trump’s ‘Pittsburgh, Not Paris’ Rally A Massive Flop Compared To Nationwide ‘March For Truth’

Competing events on Saturday provided a stark contrast between just how energized Donald Trump’s critics are compared to his supporters – the minority that exists, at least.

While thousands of Americans mobilized to demand a fair, independent investigation into the president’s ties to Russia in the ‘March for Truth’, a ‘Pittsburgh, Not Paris’ pro-Trump march meant to show support for the president’s stance on environmental issues turned out to be a total flop.


To see how it stacks up against today’s large-scale, nationwide ‘March for Truth’, here is a side-by-side comparison of the two competing events:

This president may have spent his time as a presidential candidate bragging about crowd sizes, but since taking office, the largest crowds he has been able to draw are those who oppose his disastrous policy agenda and corrupt administration.

It’s an ominous sign for the president heading into 2018, as Trump could set the Republican Party up for massive midterm defeats and lay the groundwork for a Democratic-controlled Congress that would be more willing to take the investigation into his Russia ties more seriously.

If Saturday’s rallies proved anything, it’s that there is a lot of political energy swirling in this country right now, and it’s not with Donald Trump.

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