Hillary Clinton Blows Trump Away With A Classy Message To The People Of London

Hillary Clinton showed the real what the leader of the free world is supposed to sound like as she blew Donald Trump’s tweets away with a dignified message of support to the people of London.

Clinton tweeted:

Clinton was correct. The people of London and the UK should ignore the ramblings of the present occupant of the White House because the American people will never try to use your battle against terror for their own personal gain. The real America that gives Donald Trump a 36% approval rating will stand with you.

In case the American people have forgotten, Clinton’s tweet is what a real leader with deep compassion and actual knowledge of the issues sounds like. Hillary Clinton’s message was what the American people should demand out of their president at a time of global crisis. Clinton’s message was what a real president is supposed to say to US allies.

Every voter in America should burn this contrast into their memories and keep it in mind when they step into the voting booth in 2018 and 2020.

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