Trump Doesn’t Know How His Own Government Works As He Blames DOJ For Executive Order

A raging Trump took to social media to blame the Department of Justice for a presidential executive order that he signed, which proves that Trump has no idea how the government that he is supposed to be running works.

Trump tweeted:

The Office of Legal Counsel in the Department of Justice doesn’t write or have final say on presidential executive orders. Here is what the Office of Legal Counsel does, “All executive orders and proclamations proposed to be issued by the President are reviewed by the Office of Legal Counsel for form and legality, as are various other matters that require the President’s formal approval.”

Trump has final say. He is the president. It is Trump who decides if he will sign an executive order. Trump’s efforts to throw the DOJ under the bus revealed that the President isn’t reading what he is signing, or if he does read it, he doesn’t understand the executive orders that are being put out in his name.

The DOJ doesn’t control executive orders. The president does, and Trump’s complaint illustrates the biggest problem with his administration. The President doesn’t understand how the government that he is leading works. Trump’s ignorance is why his administration is a dysfunctional failure.

Presidents are supposed to steer the ship, but Donald Trump doesn’t know how to drive a boat.

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