Trump Puts More Nails In The Muslim Ban’s Coffin With Yet Another Unhinged Tweet

The phrase “quit while you’re ahead” apparently has no meaning to Donald Trump, who just fired off yet another incoherent tweet about his proposed Muslim ban, saying it’s something the United States needs to keep the America safe from “certain” countries.

The tweet is the latest in a series of Twitter posts in which the president is all but admitting that his ban isn’t a “watered down” travel ban. Instead, it’s exactly what he campaigned on last year: a Muslim ban.


The Monday night tweet follows posts earlier in the day from Trump, in which he tried to exploit the recent terror attacks in London to push his ban.


Trump’s initial “travel ban” tweets were likely enough to damage the president’s argument that his policy is not, in fact, a real ban and that his intent was not to target a certain faction of people.

Instead of trying to play damage control or walk back that tweet, what does the third-grader-in-chief do? He doubles down by once again tweeting out his support for a Muslim ban and slamming those who practice political correctness.

There are plenty of legal arguments that opponents of Trump’s ban will make when the case hits the U.S. Supreme Court, but the most damning evidence that this is, in fact, a Muslim-targeted travel ban comes directly from Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.