Trump’s Worst Nightmare Comes True As CBS Will Air James Comey’s Testimony Live

CBS has announced that they will be airing James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee live on broadcast television, which means that the Russia scandal has grown from cable news to full-scale broadcast network television.

Here is the CBS announcement:

The decision by CBS to televise the hearing live is bad news for Trump because it demonstrates that not only is their heavy public interest in what Comey has to say but that the network has deemed his testimony so newsworthy that they are scrapping regular programming to show it live.

The notion that the Russia scandal is fodder for the left has been put to rest as more and more mainstream outlets realized that there is a real story or several stories in the Russia scandal. The White House won’t take the news well, but the decision by CBS is a sure sign that the scandal has grown in stature and significance. It wouldn’t be surprising if ABC and NBC also decide to carry Comey’s testimony live.

Trump’s worst nightmare is coming true. Not only is Comey getting tons of attention, but he is going to be covered live on network television.