Adam Schiff Just Took Down Trump With One Epic Tweet

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, took down Trump after the president complained that media doesn’t want him to tweet anymore.

Trump tweeted:

Rep. Schiff replied:

What Rep. Schiff was referencing was the series of tweets from Trump that destroyed the DOJ’s defense of his Muslim ban. Trump’s tweets probably lost a Supreme Court case for him and made the work of the DOJ’s lawyers even more difficult.

The media has no problem with Trump’s tweets. The President’s unhinged social media ramblings are capable of driving a news cycle. His tweets provide endless fodder for discussion on 24 hour a day cable news.

The White House would love it if they could get Trump off of Twitter. The President is derailing the agenda and message of the entire Republican Party with his tweets. Trump’s tweets are one of the biggest destabilizing forces behind his presidency. Trump’s tweets have been a complete nightmare for the White House, and if they could pry his phone out his hands and throw it in the Potomac River, they would do it in a heartbeat.

Congressional investigators, like Schiff, who are looking into the Russia scandal, also probably don’t mind Trump’s tweets. The President has a tendency to self-incriminate on Twitter, and he opens doors for areas of investigation every time he hops on his phone.

The best thing that could happen to anyone who wants the Trump presidency to end quickly is for this president to continue tweeting.