Americans Flock To The Democratic Party As Trumpcare Is Killing The GOP

An analysis of tracking polls since March has found a net 17 point swing towards Democrats on health care as Trumpcare is causing people to flee the Republican Party.

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According to Morning Consult, “When Morning Consult began tracking voter trust on the issue of health care, Republicans held a 4-point edge, 43 percent to 39 percent, over Democrats. But as the majority party in Congress has moved through the process of trying to repeal and replace significant parts of the Affordable Care Act, former President Barack Obama’s signature 2010 health law, Americans have flocked toward Democrats. In the most recent survey, Obama’s party boasted a significant edge, with almost half (48 percent) of registered voters backing Democrats on the issue, compared with 35 percent who still trusted the GOP.”

The American Health Care Act (Trumpcare) is the ultimate pocketbook issue. Health care is something that touches every member of society. It should have been common sense for Republicans to know that putting forward a plan that raises costs, lowers coverage, and takes away insurance from 23 million Americans was not going to popular. The fantasy fueled GOP propaganda campaign against the ACA (Obamacare) has run into the real world truth that Obamacare is pretty popular.

People don’t want to pay more and get less, and they definitely don’t want their coverage taken away.

Russia is a big issue with the left, but if Democrats are going to take back all or part of Congress in 2018, it will be the health care issue that puts them back in power. The Russia scandal fires up the base, but it will be health care that gets swing voters to support Democrats and put the ultimate check on Trump.

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