Trump Tries To Bluff His Way To Calmness Ahead Of James Coney’s Testimony

Trump wished Comey luck before the former FBI Director’s Senate testimony, but it isn’t James Comey who needs luck. It’s Donald Trump.

Video of Trump wishing Comey luck:

James Comey doesn’t need luck. He’s got a story to tell and a national audience waiting to hear it. The man in this scenario who needs luck is the President who it has been reported has been so upset about the upcoming testimony that he has been unleashing self-destructive social media storms on daily basis.

Trump’s statement of luck to Comey was like something out of one of those 1980s movies where a Michael Douglas character tries to bluff his way through a crisis with fake toughness. Donald Trump was fake tough in the clip above. Obviously, someone pounded it into the President’s head that he is not to talk about Comey, but this one rattled president, and his attempt at a cool cover didn’t fool anyone.

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