Hearing Nightmare For Trump: Top Officials Won’t Answer If They Were Asked To Intervene On Russia

Both the Director of National Intelligence and the NSA Director refused to answer when asked by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) if Trump ever asked them to intervene in the Russia investigation.


Sen. Rubio asked both DNI Coats and NSA Director Rogers if they were asked by Trump to intervene in the Russia investigation. Both officials tried to stand by their previous answer that they weren’t pressured. Rubio pointed out that his question wasn’t about if they were pressured, but if they were asked.

Coats and Rogers refused to answer the question in an open session.

This hearing is a nightmare for a president who feels a pathological need to be constantly defended. Trump is certain to fume that the nation’s top intelligence officials did not defend him at the hearing.

Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee are making an intentional effort to keep the conversation away from Russia, so it is interesting that Rubio would not go along with the game plan and ask a Russia question.

The hearing is not going well for Trump. Intelligence officials have been evasive with their answers on the Trump/Russia questions, and there has been little defense offered for this president.

Wednesday is turning out to be a very bad day for Donald Trump.