Mike Pence Cancels PBS Interview And Goes Into Hiding After Comey Testimony Release

Vice President Mike Pence was so freaked out by the release of Comey’s opening statement that he canceled a scheduled interview with PBS and went into hiding.

Here is the statement from PBS on Pence bailing:

The White House was apparently caught off guard by Comey’s decision to release his opening statement the day before he testifies, and they went on media lockdown as soon as the statement came out.

Despite the attempts by the Trump White House and Republican allies to downplay the importance of Comey’s testimony, the fact that the Vice President of the United States would head for the hills because he doesn’t want to be asked about Comey speaks volumes about how dangerous of a crisis this is for the White House. If Pence was set to go on something friendly like Fox and Friends or Hannity, I doubt that the interview would have been canceled, but the PBS Newshour is real journalism, and the VP couldn’t take the risk of being asked a question for which there is no good answer.

Many Republicans want to pretend that if Trump gets impeached or resigns Pence will take over and things will be just fine. The problem is that Pence is also up to his eyeballs in the Russia scandal. If Trump goes down for this, the entire administration goes with him.

The scandal won’t go away if Trump is out of office, and Mike Pence isn’t going to be able to save the Republican Party.