Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Rock Bottom Ahead Of James Comey’s Testimony

As James Comey prepares to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, Donald Trump’s approval rating is crashing to the ground.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday, a disastrous 34 percent of the country – a record low for this president – approves of the job he has done so far. A strong majority, 57 percent,  disapprove of his job performance.

The numbers:

More key findings from the poll:

  • 68 – 29 percent that Trump is not level-headed
  • 59 – 36 percent that he is not honest
  • 58 – 39 percent that he does not have good leadership skills
  • 58 – 40 percent that he does not care about average Americans
  • 64 – 33 percent that he does not share their values
  • 62 – 32 percent disapprove of Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement

Unsurprisingly, one of the top issues on the minds of voters is the ongoing investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia and whether his campaign colluded with the Russians to swing the election in his favor.

According to the poll, a staggering 60 percent of respondents said that the president’s relationship with Moscow is either “illegal” or “unethical.”

The same applies to those who work for the president, Quinnipiac noted: “President Trump’s campaign advisors did something illegal in dealing with Russia, 40 percent of voters say, as 25 percent say they did something unethical but not illegal and 24 percent say they did nothing wrong.”

The Russia scandal is, indeed, a cloud over the Trump administration, and Comey’s testimony – if his opening statement was any indication – will only make that cloud bigger and darker once the former FBI director makes the damning claims under oath.

With or without tomorrow’s testimony, however, the American people may have already tuned this president out and are simply counting down the days until they can vote him out of office.