James Comey Calls A Trump A Liar While Under Oath During Senate Testimony


While testifying before the Senate, former FBI Director James Comey called President Trump a liar while discussing the reasons the White House gave for his firing.



Comey said during his open remarks that he was confused when he saw Trump’s reasons for firing him on television, and said, “Although the law required no reason at all for the president to fire an FBI Director, the administration chose to defame me and more importantly the FBI by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader. Those were lies, plain and simple.”

James Comey’s testimony is turning out to be everything that the White House and President Trump were worried about. Comey called all of Trump’s reasons for firing him lies, which means that the real reason for the firing of James Comey was related to the Russia investigation.