Jared Kushner To Meet With The Senate Intel Committee As Russia Investigation Closes In On Trump

Trump son in law Jared Kushner will be meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee as the Russia investigation is inside the West Wing and getting closer to Trump.

NBC News’s Kasie Hunt reported:

Kushner and Intel Committee have an agreement for his cooperation, but the fact that a senior aide/son in law of the President might be testifying before Trump has been in office for a year is a pretty big deal.

It has been reported that Kushner is a person of interest in the FBI’s Russia investigation, so it is doubtful that he will have much of interest to say before the criminal investigation concludes. The White House keeps pretending that everything is fine, but Trump’s blurring of the lines between his businesses, his campaign, and his White House continues to come back to haunt him.

The one immediate result of James Comey’s testimony is that it took the Russia scandal to a whole new level of serious. Witnesses are talking, and the White House isn’t. Anytime that a president has to send their lawyer out to field questions, it is a very bad look. Kushner will defend Trump, but it will be how he responds to the Senators’ questions that will serve to add fuel to the growing Russia inferno.

James Comey was just the beginning. The real intrigue is yet to come.