Donald Trump Jr. Hits The Gutter And Does Daddy’s Dirty Work While Smearing James Comey

Son of President Trump and Trump organization trustee Donlad Trump Jr. took the place of his father and live-Tweeted throughout the entire Comey hearing. While the president’s staff did all they could to keep President away from his phone, Jr. did not hold back. Here are some of the highlights:


Donald Trump Jr. is acting as his father’s surrogate and sending out very thoughtless and downright irrelevant tweets. Instead of any worthwhile substance, Trump Jr. is going after Comey himself, making a sad effort to destroy the credibility of the former FBI Director. If they really wanted to call Comey’s ethics into question, why wouldn’t Trump and his administration release the tapes of the conversation between Comey and the President?

Finally, these tweets are deeply concerning because it is the family of a sitting President undermining a former FBI director and the process the FBI goes through to solve criminal investigations. It shows a lack of respect for this organization in the White House, and could possibly convince people to not trust the investigative process that is integral to our government.

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