A Clueless Trump White House Somehow Manages To Make The Russia Scandal Even Worse


As former FBI Director James Comey implored us to fight for our democracy, the White House made jokes about secret taping under the couches.

Instead of being concerned about Russia’s interference in our election, which is a very serious attack on our democracy, White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she had no idea if there was a taping system in the White House and then made a joke of it, saying she’d look under the couches.

Since the Trump White House is refusing to honor the transparency of on camera briefings and are holding them off camera not allowing audio to be used on TV or radio, here are the tweets:


Huckabee, who already compromised her own integrity and credibility by claiming President Trump doesn’t lie, claimed there was a tradition of keeping the briefings off camera and hiding the audio. There is not, this is a lie.

This is how the Trump White House is approaching an ongoing attack on the USA with sarcastic jokes.

The one way that the Trump White House could have made the Comey testimony was by blowing it off and treating the Russia scandal like a joke.