Friday Fox Follies: Comey Comedy Cavalcade

Let’s get the most important news out of the way first: Fox & Friends has a brand new 2-story set, new show opening, new curvy couch, but it’s the same old crap from the Three Stooges that sit thereupon. How can you tell it was the same lie-filled propaganda? Take it from an expert on lies:

The new set even has a totally sponsored Kilmeade’s Keurig Korner. What’s that? Hang on. The producer is talking in my ear. Oh, Kilmeade’s name isn’t part of it. Oh! I see why now.

Regardless, Fox’s Brian Kilmeade [lies that]: Trump has been “remarkably disciplined when it comes to tweets over the last couple of weeks” on the one day the Twitter feed was quiet. However, TO BE FAIR: Fox & Friends Host Brian Kilmeade Correctly Called Comey Memo Leak:

[…] Kilmeade made the prediction in full on a May 17 episode of Fox & Friends. Though not typically known for his astute observations, it appears that Kilmeade was right on the money.

Yesterday — before Comey testified, but after his opening statement was released — Fox & Friends crowed that it vindicated Emperor Trump. This morning, the Foxy Friends continued to deflect from Russia with love, by calling Comey weak, and a leaker, just like Trump has.

Or, is he a weak leaker with a urinary problem? Wait! No. That’s a commercial. Never mind.

No matter, because Fox & Friends cites “one of the online blogs” to claim James Comey might be behind “deep-state leaks”. Watch:

Meanwhile, this week those Foxy Friends were forced to walk back one of their guest’s suggestions that internment camps for Muslims could be just around the corner because no one was smart enough to object while it was happening.

PUTTING THE COMEY IN COMEDY: The station that is still obsessing over BENGHAZI!!!!, is letting Trump off easily Obstruction of Justice, as the following headlines attest:

Fox & Friends tries to justify Trump demanding loyalty from Comey because it’s what a CEO would doFox’s Meghan McCain ‘Concerned’ About Comey Hearing – Because It May Impede Repeal Of ObamacareFox’s Bret Baier calls “the media” one of the “biggest losers” in Comey’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing

However — surprisingly — before Fox “News” decided how it was going to frame the Comey testimony some Foxites accidentally blurted out the truth:

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: Comey’s testimony was ‘very damaging to the president’‘Talk about damning’: Fox News hosts rip Sarah Huckabee Sanders for ‘terrible’ Trump defenseJudge Napolitano: ‘Credible and Compelling’ Case That Donald Trump Has Not Been HonestFox News’ Judge Napolitano: Trump may be so enraged right now that he will fire his entire senior staff Charles Krauthammer Admits It: ‘Surely the President Has Had a Bad Day’

While we’re giving credit for truth-telling:

Fox host to Trump: ‘Fake news
media’ isn’t the issue, it’s you

Cavuto? Really? While Hell might not have froze over, someone has turned the A/C temp way down.

TUCKER IN TROUBLE: Tucker Carlson, who won’t shut up when his guests are making a point, suddenly went all silent on a scandal that threatens his (brain)child The Daily Caller. In a nutshell: The Daily Caller Foundation is set up as a non-profit, which has taken campaign cash from Emperor Trump, the man he defends every single day. Meanwhile, the Foundation’s reporters generate the news articles that are then posted on the For Profit, Right Wing, media site The Daily Caller, which rakes in the ad revenue. Read any of the following:

Trump Campaign Paid Tucker
Carlson’s ‘Daily Caller’ $150,000

Conservative For-profit News Site Uses
Nonprofit; Trump Uses Whole Setup

Exposed: Tucker Carlson, His
“Charity,” and the Trump Campaign
Cash He Didn’t Tell FOX Viewers About

Charity doubles as a profit stream
at the Daily Caller News Foundation

However, he’ll falsely attack the Freedom From Religion Foundation; feign concern for Kurt Eichenwald, while lashing out; hosts thinly-veiled discussions attacking Islam; and, with his White Privilege showing shouts at a Black Lives Matter supporter, “You’re Demented!”

Despite that he’s still invited to be “the keynote speaker at the 32nd annual John M. Ashbrook Memorial Dinner at Ashland University.”


In Fox’s Watters World, American
Muslims Are Either ISIS
Sympathizers Or ISIS Enablers

Fox Host: We Call It
An ‘Immigration Pause,’
Not A ‘Muslim Ban’

Fox’s Laura Ingraham: Terrorism is
“the price … to pay for multiculturalism”

Fox host pushes raids on mosques
based on no-go zone lie that previously
caused network international embarrassment

Even Samantha Bee noticed in Keep Calm and Ignore Trump’s Tweets:

Phox is putting the Phobe in Islamophobe.

THE FIVE AT NINE: No matter the time of day, The Five is awful.

Greg Gutfeld Mocks Comey: ‘He Was Like That Guy Who Was Dumped’Fox host: “Some could argue” London mayor has “been really rolling out the red carpet for a lot of these Muslim extremists”Fox News’ Jesse Watters: “No one is dying from climate change”


Rachel Maddow’s Return Crushed Fox News In The Ratings

Fox News still No. 1 in WNY but has taken a ratings hit

However, what’s more important than ratings? The bottom line:

Rupert Murdoch’s Net Worth Drops $1.6
Billion Amid String Of Fox News Scandals

With Ailes Gone and Megyn Kelly
Reborn, a Shell-Shocked Fox News
Looks Like an Episode of The Leftovers

I’m broken up about that. /sarcasm

PASSAGES: Now that she’s in the Big Leagues, former Fox & Friends shill, Heather Nauert made a shambles of her first presser as State Department spokesperson. This as Fox News resigns blonde Martha MacCallum — who couldn’t get a straight answer out of Kellyanne Conway — and brunette Bully Boy Bolling — the subject of a puff profile promoting his crappy new show. About Bolling, it’s worth noting:

Eric Bolling on Trump falsely
claiming a robbery was a terror
attack: “What was the big deal?”

Fox News lets Ted Nugent call in to
claim his invitation for Obama to “suck
on my machine gun” wasn’t a threat


But Fox had a lot to say about Kathy Griffin, right? Hypocrites!

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