Nancy Pelosi Demolishes Job Loser Trump As She Questions His Fitness For Office

At her weekly press conference, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) questioned Donald Trump’s fitness for office while pointing out that Trump will be a jobs loser for America.

Her main topic was the colossal failure that is the Donald Trump Presidency. She summarized the seven months of the Trump presidency as being “seven months a failure.” Pelosi also pointed out how the national security of all Americans is also at risk due to his “attitude toward Putin.” By “put[ting] Putin on a pedestal,” Trump has put us in danger of being exploited by this buddy-buddy relationship between the Presidents.

Video of Pelosi’s press conference:

Pelosi said, “The President’s fitness for office is something that’s been called into question. It takes a certain curiosity to learn the facts to base your comments on evidence, and data, and the truth. It takes a certain discipline to be able to prioritize what is important as we try to bring the country together, and it takes some kind of stamina to keep your thoughts together, and I’m very worried about his fitness.

While the election was about “jobs, jobs, jobs,” the congressmen pointed out that he is not following through on the promise of creating new jobs. Not only did Pelosi point out that “23…Millions of Americans will lose their health coverage” under the proposal, she also brilliantly realized that over 1.8 million people will lose their jobs.

While Fox News and other conservative Trump supporters lauded what looked like economic success and job growth, the Minority Leader made us all realize how detrimental this bill will be not only to people who cannot afford the expensive burden that is healthcare but also to the almost two million people who will lose their jobs because of it.

If a President isn’t fit to lead the country, he can’t be expected to create jobs.