Another Trump Promise Is Smoke and Mirrors as Infrastructure Week Comes to a Failing Halt

There is one thing we know for certain about Trump’s infrastructure plan: that it is practically nonexistent. While there may have been a fancy ceremony and a “fake signing ceremony” where he signed letters stating his support for a plan, this seemed to be like most of Trumps promises: all talk. Trump has yet to come up with any kind of infrastructure plan despite his campaign promise to push $1 trillion dollars into American infrastructure projects. Trump’s self-proclaimed “Infrastructure Week”, as the Hill stated went “off the rails” and was quickly overshadowed by Comey’s scarring testimony on Capitol Hill, seemed to prove the former FBI director right when he called the President a liar.

While Trump vowed to restore “America’s industrial might, creating the jobs and tax base to put new infrastructure all over the country,” there is little proof of this at all. In fact, the Trump plan only places “200 billion” dollars into United States infrastructure and will include “enormous cuts to public investment.” Where do the other 800 million dollars come from? Nobody, not even the Trump administration knows.

There is another promise in his infrastructure plan that also faces much criticism, and for good reason: privatizing air traffic. Many senators and representatives are attacking the plan due to its focus on the large, prosperous airports and negligence to the small private airports. Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) said that the air traffic portion of the plan will hurt “all but our largest airports nationwide,” and Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) called it “a tough sell.” The general aviation industry, as well as small airports, feel like this plan does not garner any support for their business and are at risk of becoming an “aviation afterthought”

This “plan” is also projected to be a gigantic loss in Congress for the Trump administration, as well. What was once a bipartisan effort to fix roads is now becoming a bipartisan effort to stop this plan at all costs, with Democrats and even some Republicans “balking some aspects of the plan,” showing how weak this skeleton of a plan really is. Trump’s fancy parties are not fooling anyone. A president so unfit isn’t in any way, shape, or form equipped to stimulate American infrastructure.

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