Trump Proves Comey Was Telling The Truth With One Lie Filled Tweet

James Comey said that Donald Trump was a liar, so Trump responded by talking to Twitter and telling more lies about Comey.

Trump tweeted:

Legal experts quickly debunked the fantasy that James Comey is a leaker because Comey’s notes were not classified information. His personal recollections are not a violation of any law, except for the unwritten one between the President’s ears that states, “No one shall release bad things about Trump.”

Trump won’t win a credibility contest against Comey, so he is going to continue to personally smear the former FBI Director. The problem with this strategy is that it is destined to make the Russia scandal worse for Trump because it will inspire more witnesses against the President to come forward.

Those who try to explain Trump’s social media usage as a grand political strategy don’t get it. Trump doesn’t use social media to communicate. Trump’s tweets are pathological. Even though attacking Comey was the worst thing that he could have done, Donald Trump can’t help himself. There is a reason why his White House is desperately trying to get him to stop tweets. With each presidential social media statement, Trump compounds the problems for himself and his administration.

A single tweet from Trump proved that James Comey is accurate, credible, and truthful. In other words, there is a high probability that Donald Trump obstructed justice.