Bullying Blows Up In His Face As Legal Threat To Comey Could Lead To Charges Against Trump


George W. Bush’s ethics lawyer is warning that Trump’s threat to legally come after James Comey could result in new charges, including obstruction of justice against the President.

Former Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter told NBC News:

“The Department of Justice reports to the President of the United States. And the President of the United States is saying, ‘you’re going to be a witness against me? I’m going to open an investigation against you’ — that’s clearly witness intimidation, and that itself is obstruction of justice,” Painter said.


“So they’re going to compound the problem,” he said.

Every solution that Trump comes up with to make himself feel better only serves to add to his troubles. Going after James Comey for an act that wasn’t a crime is a horrible idea. Instead of moving on after Comey’s testimony, the President is trying to intensify and personalize the conflict. Trump’s motivation for attacking Comey isn’t to save his presidency, but to punish the former FBI director for testifying before the Senate.

Trump has used bullying and legal threats throughout his entire adult life, but he is in way over his head as president. Donald Trump is getting a hard lesson in the realities of presidential power. If Donald Trump tries to take legal action against James Comey, he will only add fuel to the fire that is burning down his presidency.