Al Franken Can’t Stop Laughing At Trump’s Cabinet Saying How ‘Blessed’ They Are To Serve Him

Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken couldn’t keep a straight face on Monday after Donald Trump’s cabinet – during what may qualify as the strangest cabinet meeting ever – heaped a bizarre amount of praise on the president.

Unable to keep a straight face, Franken openly mocked those in the meeting who talked about how “blessed” they are to be serving this president.


First, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked, “I want to ask about this relationship between Trump and his cabinet people, who he hardly knows. What did you make of the genuflections around the table this morning? … They said, ‘Thank you for the blessing … of having this position.’

Franken’s answer was priceless: “I think the people there feel very, very blessed. … If they feel blessed to be in his cabinet or to be around him, to be his chief of staff for at least another week or so, they should feel very blessed. And I feel very blessed to be here. … Blessings to you.”

Franken’s response was a welcome moment of levity hours after the bizarre cabinet meeting when each member gushed about the “honor” and “privilege” of serving this president – as if they would fall through a trap door under their chair if they didn’t.

The strangest moment during the meeting came when Reince Priebus expressed his thanks for the “blessing to serve” Trump’s agenda.

Video of Priebus’s bizarre statement:

Despite the phony praise from the president’s cabinet, this administration has been a disaster since day one, whether it’s enacting unconstitutional and disastrous policies, obstructing FBI investigations, or damaging America’s reputation abroad, among a litany of other things.

Luckily, the American people have Al Franken to lighten the mood from time to time.