Embezzlement And Fraud Complaint Filed Against Donald And Eric Trump With New York AG

A complaint has been filed against Donald and Eric Trump accusing them of fraud and embezzlement after it was reported that funds raised for charity were directed into Donald Trump’s businesses.

The complaint filed by attorney J. Whitfield Larrabee states:

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is looking into reports that Eric Trump funneled more than $1 million from charity golf tournaments to his father’s businesses.

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Larrabee explained why he filed the complaint in a statement, “Donald Trump and Eric Trump took money from charities that they controlled and purchased paintings and luxury goods for themselves. Eric Trump hung a valuable painting that was donated to The Eric Trump Foundation in his living room. Donations to The Erik Trump Foundation were for children with cancer, not for one of the rich children of a billionaire. Donald Trump hung a valuable painting donated to the Donald Trump Foundation in the conference room of The Trump National Golf Club. His private golf club is not a charity. There are good grounds to charge Donald Trump and Eric Trump with embezzlement and fraud. The people deserve leaders who are honest and law abiding. We deserve better than this.”

Whether it is determined to be a criminal act or not, the moral point remains that America deserves honest leaders who don’t claim that all of the money is going to charity and then direct a million dollars into their own businesses. The million dollars that went into to Trump’s pocket was taken away from a hospital that treats children with cancer.

People need to use whatever resources they have at their disposal to voice their outrage and demand better. Not everyone can file a legal complaint or donate to candidates, but we all have a voice, and it costs nothing to use it.

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