Senate Republicans Smack Down Trump’s Attempt To Lift Sanctions On Russia

As the Trump administration continues to signal that it may lift sanctions on Russia despite the fact that Moscow waged a massive cyber attack on the U.S. presidential election in 2016, Republicans in the Senate are saying, “Not so fast.”

According to The Hill, GOP Sen. Bob Corker said members of Congress have come to an agreement that would give them more power to block Trump’s attempts to lift sanctions.

More from the report:

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said lawmakers have struck an agreement that includes allowing Congress to weigh in before Trump can lift current sanctions against Russia. He said staffers are now reviewing the legislative language.


“I think we’re there. We’re going through the [legislative] language in here now, but we’ve reached an agreement,” Corker told a small group of reporters.


A senior Senate aide said they are “getting close to a deal, but are still reviewing language.”


Corker added that the language “definitely” includes congressional review, which would give Congress oversight over the lifting of sanctions, but Corker didn’t specify if it includes new sanctions on Moscow.


“It’s what we did on Iran. So I would like to have congressional review on everything we do. … It’s basically set up much like we’ve done on other places,” Corker said.

The move by the Senate comes as the White House has repeatedly suggested they are “looking at” lifting sanctions on Russia.

Last month, in fact, the administration moved toward giving back to Russia two of its American-based intelligence compounds which were previously taken away by the Obama administration after it was clear Russia interfered in last year’s presidential election.

Clearly, Trump thinks that he can do as he pleases, but even Republicans in Congress are now showing him there is such a thing as checks and balances – especially when he’s attempting to ease sanctions on a country that helped put him in the White House.