Trump Is Such A Joke That Even His Own Staff Doesn’t Believe His Threats

Trump crafted the public image of a ruthless businessman who fires people at will. The reality is that Trump’s threats carry so little weight that his own White House staff treats him like a joke.

Politico reported:
Talk of Trump’s July 4th deadline has made the rounds in the White House, but insiders and those close to the president are not holding their breath, given the perpetual talk that Priebus and other senior staffers are on the way out. Trump’s first deadline for the firing of Priebus and many staffers that he brought on from the Republican National Committee was the 100-day mark. The president then considered the idea of a Memorial Day shakeup when he returned from the foreign trip, and then most recently, July 4.

“It’s become comical that every holiday becomes a referendum on Reince,” said one adviser to the president.

Sensing his impending doom even before he was criticized for fallout related to the firing of FBI Director James Comey, Reince had joked, “I’ve got one foot on a banana peel and another out the door,” according to a person with knowledge of the conversation.

Consider for a moment the fact that the President Of The United States has threatened to fire people so often that his threats are now a source of humor for those who work for him. Trump is displaying the same personality flaws in running the White House that is rampant in his public communications. Trump blusters, bullies, and threatens, but he doesn’t act. Trump’s words have no meaning because there is nothing behind them.

The President has no ideology, knowledge, or ability to run the government. A threat to fire someone will work in the private sector because there are no public consequences. If Trump fires Priebus or anyone on his White House staff, there will be political and media fallout. As the Comey firing demonstrated, presidents pay the price when they shake up the staff.

Donald Trump can’t be taken seriously as a leader in front of the rest of the world when his own staff doesn’t buy what he is selling.

Trump is a punchline. His lies and inability to follow through with anything have made him the weakest president in US history.