Trump Is So Mentally Ill That The White House Used A Cabinet Meeting To Treat His Depression

That bizarre dear leader meeting where Trump’s cabinet was forced to praise him was part of an intentional effort by the White House to boost Trump out of his depression. In other words, the White House virtually confirmed that this president has some mental health issues going on.

Video of the strange scene at the White House:

Trump claimed to have passed more legislation than nearly every other president, but he has passed no major legislation. Trump also claimed to be creating jobs, when job growth has slowed since his election, and he hailed his tax plan as the biggest tax cut in history, but he has no tax plan.

The strangest part of the meeting was when each cabinet secretary praised Trump. It turns out that the praise was part of an effort to boost Trump’s mood.

The New York Times reported, “Yet the comments were in keeping with an intense effort by the White House to boost Mr. Trump’s mood and change the subject from the damaging testimony last week of Mr. Comey, who, under oath, accused the president of having fired him for his handling of the Russia inquiry.”

If the charade proved anything, it is that there is no one in this White House with the guts to stand up to Trump and tell him the truth. Instead of a team of rivals, Trump has assembled a team of enablers. Never in American history has a televised cabinet meeting been turned into an intervention for a president.

Donald Trump is not well, and the only way anything is going to be done about it is if voters throw the Republicans who enable him out of office.