Trump Is Seriously Considering Terminating Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Friends of Donald Trump are telling reporters that the President is seriously considering terminating Russia special counsel Robert Mueller.

Video of close Trump friend Chris Ruddy on PBS Newshour:

Judy Woodruff of PBS Newshour tweeted:

Donald Trump has a lot of bad ideas, but firing the special prosecutor investigating him for potential obstruction of justice and the Russia scandal would be the worst thing that he could do. Mueller and his investigation are the only things standing between Trump and Republican abandonment.

Whether or not Trump follows through on terminating Meuller is a different story, but it is important to note that innocent presidents don’t have thoughts of firing the special prosecutor seriously kicking around in their heads.

If Trump terminates Mueller, all hell will break loose in Washington, D.C. One would think that the President would have learned something from the Comey firing blowing up in his face. The lesson that Trump needs to learn is, don’t fire people who are investigating you.

The firing of Robert Mueller would make the Russia scandal ten times worse for Trump and leave Republicans in Congress no choice but to support an independent investigation. Trump is playing with fire and inching closer to burning his presidency to the ground.