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All You Need To Know Is That Trump Never Showed Concern To Sessions About The Russia Hacking

If there was one devastating lesson to come out of Jeff Sessions’ testimony, it was that Donald Trump never showed concern to the Attorney General about the Russia election hacking.

Sessions told Manchin he does not recall any time that Trump expressed concern about Russian interference in the election.

For that matter, neither did Sessions:

King: “Do you think Russians interfered with 2016 election?” Sessions: “Appears so.” King: “But you never asked about it?” Sessions: “No.”

According to Sessions, Trump isn’t concerned about the Russian election interference. Sessions also has not been involved in any National Security Council meetings about the Russia threat. The Attorney General made it clear that the Trump administration is not prioritizing Russian election interference.

The Trump White House doesn’t give a damn about Russia because they know that Russian election interference helped them to win the election.

Sarah Jones

Listen to Sarah on the PoliticusUSA Pod on The Daily newsletter podcast here. Sarah has been credentialed to cover President Barack Obama, then VP Joe Biden, 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and exclusively interviewed Speaker Nancy Pelosi multiple times and exclusively covered her first home appearance after the first impeachment of then President Donald Trump. Sarah is two-time Telly award winning video producer and a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. Connect with Sarah on Post,  Mastodon @PoliticusSarah@Journa.Host, & Twitter.

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