Mike Huckabee Defends Trump and Sessions By Showing Off His Stunning Idiocy

You’re probably hearing a lot of this because it’s the Republican talking point. But it’s only meant for those who really don’t understand the most basic ideas about our government. That is to say, it’s meant for the Trump base.

Here’s Mike Huckabee, willing to make himself look like a total idiot just to defend Trump and Sessions:

That’a not how any of this works. Jeff Sessions isn’t Matlock defending Trump in a very special episode.

There is no attorney-client privilege. There has been no executive privilege asserted; either it is asserted or the questions must be answered.

Sessions said he’s protecting the President’s right to invoke exec privilege and won’t answer if he and Trump discussed Russia in conversations regarding firing Comey, but there’s no such thing as maybe might be executive privilege one day, so it’s secret for now. It’s not as if Trump didn’t know Sessions was testifying.

The Attorney General doesn’t work for the President. The Attorney General is supposed to keep a wall of separation between the White House and DOJ investigations, and Mike Huckabee’s attempt to mislead on this point is a perfect example why Republicans are a threat to democracy.