The Look On Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s Face Tells You All You Need To Know About Trump’s Insanity

At a health care lunch with Republican Senators, Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska got seated right next to Trump, and she couldn’t hide the look on her face or body language that suggested that she wanted to get far away from Trump.


As Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa sat on Trump’s right and looked enthralled to be in the presence of the President, Lisa Murkowski appeared to try to create as much personal distance between herself and Trump, while showing a facial expression could be characterized as a combination of confused and horrified.

Check out the look on Murkowski’s face:

murkowski trump
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That is the look of a woman who was thinking to herself a). This guy is nuts, and b). How can I get out of here?

Murkowski is a serious legislator, and she has been an opponent of the House version of Trumpcare that killed the Medicaid expansion. I get why the White House would put women on either side of Trump because they are still trying to prove that women aren’t repulsed by this man, but the plan backfired as Murkowski looked at Trump like he was nuts and potentially a threat to her personal space.

Even members of Trump’s own party can’t hide their horror at his crazy.

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