Trump Is Crashing And Burning Before Our Eyes As His Disapproval Hits A Record 60%

According to the Gallup three-day rolling average of presidential approval, Trump’s disapproval has reached a record high of 60%.

Here is the three day rolling average from Gallup:

Gallup found, “Trump’s approval ratings are also near his administration’s low point when looking at the three-day approval ratings Gallup reports daily. For June 10-12, Trump averaged 36% approval, one point above his low of 35% measured March 26-28. Trump’s current three-day average of 60% disapproval is, by one point, the highest of his administration.”

With Senate Republicans about to roll out their secret health care bill, Trump’s numbers could get even worse in the days to come. The idea that Donald Trump has any sort of popular base of support beyond the far right is a laughable fallacy. Trump is inching closer to two-thirds of the country not supporting him. Never has a president hit such lows so quickly. George W. Bush’s first term approval rating averaged 62%. His second term average was in line with Trump at 37%. Trump’s current approval rating is lower than the lowest registered by Obama at any point during his presidency.

The American people are watching a president crash and burn in record time. Trump isn’t just failing. He is turning an entire country against him while going down in flames in spectacular fashion.