Legal Expert Says Jeff Sessions May Be In Contempt Of Congress

The legal problems keep piling up for Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a legal expert is warning that he is in contempt of Congress.


LAW PROFESSOR AT SOUTHWESTERN LAW SCHOOL, GOWRI RAMACHANDRAN said of the Attorney General’s imaginary invention of privilege, “So the main thing I think of that it opens him up to potentially is contempt of Congress which is actually a crime in the United States code. It actually has a minimum jail sentence of one month, the jail sentence is one to 12 months. It’s obviously very very rare for some to actually be prosecuted for committing that crime but it has happened before and Congress has sort of voted to say that someone is in contempt of Congress numerous times. But it would probably be up to, probably, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia to actually charge someone with contempt if Congress voted to hold them in contempt and obviously that person’s boss is Jeff Sessions, so there’s some potential conflicts there.”

As Attorney General, Jeff Sessions’ job in the Trump administration is to protect Donald Trump, but with the news that the Attorney General may have perjured himself in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee, the problems are piling up quickly. The odds of Sessions being found in contempt of Congress while Republicans are the majority in the Senate are slim, but if Democrats take back the Senate next year, the AG could be in for a world of trouble.

Jeff Sessions made a deal with the devil when he climbed into bed with Trump and Putin, and payment will be coming soon for what the former Senator from Alabama has done.

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