Trump Confirms That He Is Under Investigation For Obstruction Of Justice With One Lunatic Tweet


President Trump confirmed on social media that he is under investigation for obstruction of justice because he doesn’t understand that tweets are official statements and evidence that can be used against him.

Trump tweeted:


In his compulsion to defend himself on Twitter, Trump admitted that he is under criminal investigation. It is the worst idea ever for the President to be ranting on social media without being filtered by an attorney. As anyone who has ever seen a Law and Order episode can tell you, a suspect should never talk without their lawyer present.

The investigation into obstruction of justice isn’t “phony,” because Trump himself admitted that he fired Comey due to the Russia investigation during his interview with Lester Holt. It was Trump’s own words to James Comey and then his confession to Lester Holt that his administration was lying that got him investigated.

Donald Trump won’t stop talking, while law enforcement is listening, and that is the biggest reason why he is going to get himself thrown out of office.