Trump Refuses To Answer Reporters’ Questions About Obstruction Of Justice Investigation

While signing an executive order related to apprenticeships, Trump ignored questions about reporters on the obstruction of justice investigation.


Trump was asked if believed that he was under investigation now, and he answered by pretending like the reporters were not in the room. Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the question was an answer. The President knows that his old talking point that he is not under investigation has been blown to bits, and his ranting statements on social media on Thursday morning are proof that he knows he is under investigation.

Donald Trump isn’t saying anything, which means that the clock on the bomb is ticking. It is only a matter of time until he explodes. Things are bad in the White House, but Trump’s silence suggests that it is even worse than anyone can imagine.

Trump’s non-answer isn’t discipline. It is avoidance of the reality that his presidency is crumbling to dust around him.