Democrats Turn The Tables On Mitch McConnell As GOP Health Care Bill Sputters Towards Deadline

After years of false complaints from Sen. Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republican Senators that the ACA was negotiated in secret, Senate Democrats have turned the tables on the now Majority Leader by calling out their refusal to hold a hearing on Trumpcare with an invitation to Senators only meeting next week.

In a letter to McConnell, Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer wrote

On behalf of my caucus, I write to invite you and the Republican Conference to an All-Senators meeting next week on the topic of health care. Now, more than ever, Republicans and Democrats need to come together to find solutions to America’s challenges.

Our health care system affects every single American and one-sixth of our economy. We believe we all owe it to our constituents to meet to discuss your potential legislation that would profoundly impact so many American lives.

The U.S. Senate has long been considered the world’s greatest deliberative body and, as members of that body, we should each support open and robust debate. That is why we are dismayed at the reports that there will be no public hearings on your proposed changes to the American healthcare system.

Please accept our invitation to sit down together in the old Senate Chamber so we can hear your plans and discuss how to make health care more affordable and accessible in the United States.
Republicans are on the verge of missing their self-imposed pre-4th of July deadline for passage of the health care bill. The problem that Republicans face is that they still haven’t written the rest of the bill. They need to give the legislation to the CBO to score, and they need to keep the support of 50 of the 52 Republicans for the bill to pass.

All the while, Senate Republicans are writing their bill in secret, and not holding a hearing on the legislation before it is voted on.

It turns out that every lie Republicans told about the Affordable Care Act is the truth about the American Health Care Act. Republicans are trying to take away access to healthcare, cut coverage for hundreds of millions of Americans, and increase costs in a secret legislative process.

Democrats have flipped the script on Mitch McConnell as they are demanding public hearings so that citizens learn the details of the secret bill to damage your health care.