Investigation Breaks Trump As He Uses Twitter Like a Teenager’s Personal Journal

President Trump is not doing well with the whole investigation thing.

There are reports that he randomly bursts out with off topic declarations of, ‘I’m not under investigation!’ This awkward obsession with denial only serves to conjure up Nixon, which isn’t helpful.

Friday morning, Trump used Twitter like a teenager’s personal journal again, a problem for his lawyers and his own defense:

Of course, it was Donald Trump himself who told Lester Holt on TV as the world watched, “I was going to fire him regardless of the recommendation.”

You might be saying to yourself, why do they cover his tweets? What a wonderful world it could be if everyone would just ignore his tweets! But the problem is, Trump uses his tweets as official messaging.

Trump rarely takes questions from the press. Just moments ago this Friday morning, Trump “smiled and waved at a gathering of media, White House staff including Omarosa Manigault and other onlookers, but did not break stride or respond to shouted questions about Rod Rosenstein and tapes,” according to a White House pool report sent to PoliticusUSA.

Trump’s tweets are also read by other world leaders, they can impact the stock market, they can drive a specific brand into the toilet. As long as he is president, Donald Trump’s tweets are like getting the statements from the White House press office, except they go out to everyone. Which is kind of populist of Trump, and could even been seen as democratic if only he weren’t doing this to avoid the questions of the press a la Sarah Palin, which he admitted to in his tweet. Trump’s tweets are one-way communication, which is an easy invitation for propaganda.

A Twitter account was set up to put Trump’s tweets into official statement form, such as:

Yeah, that’s scary.

Andy Wright, former White House Associate Counsel to President Barack Obama, explained in a tweet storm of his own some of the legal issues Trump is creating by flunking the investigation (edited to remove numbers):

My mentor Bob Bennett told new clients under investigation: “You may have flunked the facts but we won’t let you flunk the investigation.”

There are lots of unknowns about Trump’s relation to the facts in the Russia investigation. Spade work needs to be done.

Whatever the facts, it is abundantly clear that Trump is hellbent on flunking the investigation.

One reason you shut your mouth as a client is that each statement provides new data points for the FBI to interpret or misinterpret.

In high profile investigations, you have the additional reason to shut your mouth because each new comment = new video & sound for news

Let’s assume (wrongly) it is a “witch hunt,” why provide fuel to the fire at that base of your own stake?

I assume that legal counsel in the White House & his personal lawyer have explained this.
Nevertheless, he persists. 😉

Donald Trump is keeping the Russia investigation and now the obstruction of justice investigation in the news cycle and providing statements to drive further questions by investigators. One day, Trump might be called to respond under oath, and these tweets will at the very least serve to cement his image as a dishonest broker.

This is your president, flunking an investigation. One of the most important issues here isn’t just how Trump is undermining himself, but his lack of impulse control and his failure to understand basic concepts of public relations and presidential power. Hes undermining himself right now, but he’s also undermining the US.

And what happens when Trump flunks a national security test due to these personality issues.