Financial Disclosure Form Adds Ammo To Lawsuits As Trump Has Made Millions Off Of Presidency

For the plaintiffs who are suing Trump over Emoluments Clause violations and conflicts of interest, the President’s financial disclosure form shows that he is making millions off of being in the White House.

Trump’s financial disclosure form revealed that he is making money off of being the president.

Trump upped the membership fees at his private Mar-a-Lago club and had made an additional $7.4 million since last year. Trump has also made $19.7 million off of the DC hotel that he opened in September 2016 that is the subject of multiple lawsuits.

The financial disclosure form isn’t a tax return and doesn’t answer any of the real questions that the American people and investigators have about Trump’s overseas businesses, but it is useful in the respect that it does show the pitfalls of a having a president who has refused to separate himself from his businesses. Trump is making millions off of being president, and one suspects that what Trump voluntary reported is just the tip of the iceberg.

If the real story of Donald Trump’s finances is ever going to be told, the President’s tax returns must be made public.

Trump’s lawyers did not want him to sign the certified financial disclosure form, because the President could place himself in legal jeopardy if he certified false information, although, that concern is quaint now that Trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice.

No one should take Trump’s word on anything, but his disclosure form shows a man who appears to be cashing in on the presidency and violating the Constitution.

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