Even Newt Gingrich Admits The Russia Scandal Is So Bad That People Will Go To Jail

Conspiracy theorist and loyal Donald Trump supporter Newt Gingrich is now admitting that the Russia scandal will likely result in people in Trump’s circle – maybe even Trump himself – going to jail.

The comment came – where else? – on Fox News during an interview with Sean Hannity late Friday and Gingrich told the right-wing hack that “they’re going to get somebody.”

Gingrich continued: “I don’t think they’re going to get the president, but they’re going to get somebody, and they’re going to get him for something. And they’re probably going to go to jail.”

Despite the fact that the investigators, including Special Counsel Robert Mueller, are planning to follow the growing amount of evidence that shows possible presidential obstruction of justice and questionable ties between Trump’s team and Russia, Gingrich offered the ludicrous conspiracy theory that the FBI will only throw people in prison because they are desperate to nail somebody.

“This is like watching an old-fashioned Western movie. This is an Indian hunting party,” the former Speaker of House and failed presidential candidate said. “They’re out looking for a couple scalps, and they’re not going to go home until they get some.”

This comment comes after Gingrich made eye-popping comments earlier in the week in which he accused Mueller of being part of a “deep state” effort to bring down Trump.

The poorly-spelled tweet:

It’s clear that Gingrich, along with many other Republican allies of the president, is becoming unhinged as this investigation worsens for Trump. Instead of blaming the president or searching for the truth, they are sowing seeds of conspiracy and focusing their attacks on credible people running a serious investigation.

Though his reasoning his off by a mile, he is probably correct: The Russia/obstruction of justice scandal is getting worse for this White House by the day, and jail time is becoming increasingly likely.