Opinion: Congressional Shooting Was A Heinous Sign of the Times


James Hodgkinson committed an absolutely heinous act on Wednesday June 14, 2017. As all sensible, non violent Americans do, I pray for a speedy and full recovery from the physical wounds and mental scars this attack left behind. But I am left to wonder, was Hodgkinsons’ act of terror an isolated incident or a continuance of a tragic trend instigated by a hateful political climate?

Hodgkinsons’ disdain for the Trump administration has been revealed. Was his attack in response to an atmosphere of anything goes, including domestic terror committed by alt right extremists and political candidates assaulting members of the media only to be elected to office the very next day?

Since the election of Donald Trump America has been besieged by acts of violence, bullying and fervent ignorance in an alarming frequency. Richard Collins III, a University of Maryland student and an Army serviceman was stabbed to death by fellow Maryland student, Sean Urbanski, with ties to an alt right group called Alt Reich Nation. He was murdered for being black at the wrong place at the wrong time. Jeremy Christian stabbed three men, killing two, who came to the defense of two teenaged girls who were the targets of Christians anti Muslim barbs aboard a Portland, Oregon train. These hate crimes were met with a virtual silence from the White House. Now James Hodgkinson has returned fire of sorts. Regrettably these three despicable acts also share a common thread. Hate.


Donald Trump has set forth an agenda that’s as dangerous as it is clueless. There is absolutely no sane or democratic basis for Mr. Trump to employ a known White Nationalist as his Chief Strategist. Unless of course Mr.Trump himself shares those views. White Nationalist is a politically correct term for hate group. America’s ideals are in direct contrast to that of White Nationalists. It’s unfathomable that our country is in the hands of such an unfit and unqualified demagogue.

James Hodgkinson hunted and attempted to murder members of the GOP who he may have seen as enablers of a morally bereft and corrupt president. His was an act of weakness and depraved cowardice as was those of Jeremy Christian and Sean Urbanski.

There is no justifiable reason to commit these deplorable and sickening crimes but it must be understood that our current government has fostered an atmosphere that encourages and condones mayhem through silence. The hateful rhetoric spewed from POTUS and his backers has given license to fanatical support as well as opposition. This country is tearing apart at the seams and it’s leaders are the main culprit and cause for our divide.

Americans are faced with losing healthcare, a perceived attack on people of color, a deemphasis on civil rights, government profiteering and outrageous levels of dishonesty on a daily basis. However we can’t condone or call for senseless acts of violence to be used as an elixir. Our power resides in our strength in numbers. Our courage, conviction and commitment to change is rooted in our votes. We cannot be driven to criminality. We must hold our government accountable for their collective failure, but we have to do it from a balloting booth and not behind the sights of a firearm.

Sadly I believe that we’ve not seen the end of carnage and more innocent blood will be spilled. God Bless America. Please….