Trump Has A 7 AM Meltdown And Proclaims Himself More Popular Than Barack Obama

Trump was alone with his thoughts at 7 AM and was on the President’s mind wasn’t any number of challenges facing the United States and the world, but how he was secretly more popular than Obama.

Trump tweeted at 7:02 AM on Sunday:

Here are Trump’s real numbers via 538:

As you can see, Trump is nowhere near 50% approval in the average of all polls that includes more than one conservative automated pollster who has always been extremely friendly to Trump.

Obama registered the third highest approval rating for any president leaving office one month before an election in history. As 538 found, Obama’s rise had been building since 2014, “Approval of Obama began to creep up in the summer of 2014 (a little over five years into his presidency), long before anyone but political diehards were thinking about 2016. Obama’s approval gains accumulated relatively gradually over the past two years.”

Two events happened between 2014 and 2016 that likely helped Obama’s popularity. People began to feel the economic turnaround, and Obamacare kicked into full swing. The economy was better, and more people at had healthcare. Add in that that Obama was scandal-free and maintained his personal likability with voters and it is easy to see why he was a president on the rise. Obama struggled in the middle of his presidency but had something that Trump will never have. People personally liked Obama. They felt that he shared their concerns and understood them.

Trump has never had a 50% approval rating in the general election or as president. In fact, his numbers are continuing to drop.

It is profoundly disturbing that at 7 AM, Trump isn’t worried about leading America, but is instead nursing hurt feelings due to America liking Obama more than they like him.

Donald Trump will never be Barack Obama, and that fact is literally keeping him awake at night.

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