Trump’s Lawyers Lose Their Minds As White House Gives Up On Stopping His Insane Tweets

The White House has given up on trying to get Trump to stop tweeting insane things, and as a consequence, Trump’s lawyers are pulling their hair out as the President is impossible to defend.

Gabriel Sherman reported:

If the White House isn’t going to stop him from undercutting his own legal defense with conspiracy-laden tweets that are flat out crazy, then Trump is doomed to go down in a flaming ball of self-destruction. Trump has been unable to find talented staff and legal representation because no one in their right mind wants to work for a president who is going to sabotage everything they do because he can’t stay off Twitter.

The White House has been staffed with Trump enablers who don’t have the guts to stand up to this president and tell him no. The notion that the dysfunctional Republican Party would be able to hold Trump in check was always a fantasy that was never based on the reality of how the Republican-controlled Congress behaves.

Trump is going to go down for the Russia scandal because he can’t stop incriminating himself on Twitter.

Since the country has a White House that is so afraid of Trump’s tantrums when his Twitter toy is taken away that they won’t stand up to the President, it is only a matter of time until the whole administration collapses in on itself.

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