CNN Destroys Trump For Hiding Information And Blacking Out The White House Press Briefing

CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta went off on the Trump administration for withholding information from the American people by blacking out the White House daily briefing.


Acosta accused the White House of not wanting the American people to see and hear their answers to questions, “When we’re asking important questions about where are the tapes, does the president have recordings of his conversations here at the White House? The White House is refusing to answer those questions on camera, or in any kind of fashion where we can record the audio. My guess is because they want their evasive answers not saved for posterity. That is the only conclusion one could draw.”

Acosta was also letting calling out this darkening of democracy on Twitter:

The Trump administration has been escalating their campaign of information suppression since the beginning of Trump’s term in office. This White House has cut back the number of briefings, virtually eliminated the presidential press conference, stopped releasing the White House visitor logs, and now they are forbidding recording of the press conferences. There is a clear campaign of information suppression happening.

As the President’s woes have increased with the Russia and obstruction of justice investigations, the White House has increasingly tried to limit the information that is made available to the American people.

Trump has turned off the cameras because he wants to keep the American people in the dark.

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