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For Democrats The Victory They Need Wasn’t In Georgia But Will Be Defeating Trump On Healthcare

The zeal among some Democrats, liberals, and progressives for the Georgia House special election were always emotional. Some are still dealing with an Election Night 2016 hangover and were desperate for a win, but the win that they should be looking for is to defeat Trump on healthcare, not a victory that would net them 1/435th of the House.


Democratic Senators Search Washington In An Effort To Find The GOP’s Secret Healthcare Bill

Democratic Senators Brian Schatz of Hawaii, Cory Booker of New Jersey, and Chris Murphy of Connecticut are marching to the Congressional Budget Office in search of the secret Senate Republican health care bill. Here are the Senators filming their departure: Booker, Murphy and Schatz begin recording their march to CBO to find healthcare bill that…


White House Claims Press Briefings Are Held Off Camera Because Sean Spicer Got Fat

When asked why the press briefings are held off camera, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon possibly sarcastically answered that more briefings are off camera because Press Secretary Sean Spicer got fatter. The Atlantic reported, “Neither Spicer nor deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders responded to queries about the changes to the briefings. Asked why the…


Rachel Maddow Explains Why The Where Of The Russia Investigation Is A Big Problem For Trump

Rachel Maddow’s excellent reporting on developments in the Russia investigation continued with the news that a Federal Grand Jury in the Eastern District of Virginia issued subpoenas related to Paul Manafort. This is the same district that is investigating Michael Flynn, which Maddow suggests is indicative of efforts to consolidate the investigation based on two…

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