Georgia Election Expert Says Heavy Rain My Depress GOP Special Election Turnout

Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is warning that the heavy rain in the Sixth District could depress turnout for Republican Karen Handel in the House special election.


Galloway said on MTP Daily, “I don’t want to be a weatherman, but it’s pouring here. We’re in the middle of a deluge, two to four inches, flooding advisory until 10 PM, and that could affect your Karen Handel voter.”

Galloway added, “Ossoff’s built his campaign around early voting. I think he pulled forty-eight percent in that April vote, but he pulled sixty-two, sixty-three percent of early voters, so Handel’s voters are the ones who show up on the day of voting.”

In an election where the margin could be razor thin, the last thing that Republicans needed was bad weather that might keep their voters at home. That is not to say that Handel’s voters will stay home, but in a series of special elections where Democrats have come close, but have not been getting any breaks, the weather may be playing in their favor in the race to decide who will replace Trump HHS Secretary Tom Price in the House.